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The working group „Sustainability and Recycling“ aims to increase the acceptance of using composites through recycling options, as well as in implementing standards and standardisation for the further use of recycled material. Recycling options for FRP-material are crucial for the acceptance of the material throughout the industry. A needs assessment of recycled fibers for the use in new parts has been developed and evaluated.

Based on this outcome, next steps will be defined to bring these materials to market and to set the basis for the acceptance of using more recycling fibers. In order to ensure user safety, it is important to establish standards for recycled and recyclable materials. With the objective to achieve sustainability along the entire value chain, we are committed to promote the increased use of cross-sectional lifecycle-analysis (LCA).

Responsible for the Working Group:


Prof. Stefan Schlichter - „While recycling is environmentally friendly and cost-beneficial, making efficient use of life cycle analysis throughout the entire value chain helps to optimize production processes.“

Composites and sustainability, the big picture – An article published by EuCIA – European Composites Industry Association: Sustainability is becoming an ever more compelling argument in the materials selection process. Fibre reinforced polymer composites are strong, lightweight and durable materials which are seeing increasing adoption in the transportation, construction, renewable energy and many other markets. Sustainability in their use phase is often a key driver for the selection of composites over traditional materials. Read here the full article.


Prof. Schlichter is member of VDMA Working Group Hybrid Lightweight Technologies - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.