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The AVK – Federation of Reinforced Plastics e.V. represents the interests of the manufacturers and the processors of reinforced and filled plastics, machine builders as well as their raw material suppliers and their service providers on a national and European level.

The AVK is the oldest Federation in the plastics industry. It has been trading under this company name since 2005 and arose from the Technical Association e. V. (founded 1924) and the work cooperative Reinforced Plastics e. V. (founded 1959) which merged in 1998. The AVK represents commodity producers and material suppliers as well as the fabricators of reinforced and filled plastics and machine builders. Furthermore mechanical engineers, engineering offices, test authorities and scientific institutes are also members of the AVK. Small and medium-sized companies are to be found in the membership structure just as much as (multinational) concerns. Generally every company and every institute can become a member of the AVK, provided that it feels connected to the reinforced and filled plastics sector and is interested in collaboration on committees and working groups and availing of their services.